Flags Over VSU

by Marvel Goose on April 25, 2015

[Ed Note: My hometown of Valdosta, GA was the focus of national attention after a Valdosta State University student started stomping on the American Flag.  His on-campus, First Amendment rights protected, protest was paused when a former Playboy bunny and veteran showed up with cameras in tow to take away his flag.  Video of five cops struggling to handcuff her went viral and a large counter protest was called.  The protester was subsequently found to have a book bag with a gun in it and the media went crazy.  Below are my comments from the huge Flags Over VSU celebration that was held on Friday, April 24th. Coincidentally, the 23rd birthday of #1 son.]

Now, maybe it’s over.

The American Flags were snapping crisply in the air from the back of pickups, strapped to cars, and held from motorcycles in a seemingly endless parade down North Patterson today. From my perspective in a second floor room overlooking the street, there were also flags aplenty being held on the sidewalks on both sides of the street including a monster 10×6 flag hoisted on a portable pole and halyard and anchored by the big two feet of a beefy veteran near the arch on front campus. I saw a young woman in a red shirt with a little flag that she waved continuously for the entire hour and a half parade: a display of admirable stamina. People who took time off from work to show their love of country.

They were having fun down there, seemingly unbothered by media scare headlines and a massive police presence that included a GA State Patrol helicopter humming from above. Ironic that it took only a few police to insure the safety of a small group of flag stompers and, by official pronouncement, over 100 uniformed and undercover police officers to make sure a thousand (VPD estimate) flag wavers remained non-violent. They might as well have been guarding a Sunday School class. [click to continue…]



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