Merrill Guice writes much of his blog at home on the second floor balcony known as The Goose's Nest

Meet Marvel Goose

Name: Merrill Guice
Hometown: Valdosta, GA
Age: Sixty Three Years Young↑
Interests: Amateur Astronomy, Asian Culture (K-Pop and Korean Dramas), Reading, Musician (Bass and Acoustic Guitar), History Buff, Politics, Cigars, Hats, and Bow Ties.
This blog is produced under the influence of a fully loaded iTunes, and libations that could include: Martini’s, Manhattans, Bourbon and Water, Good Port, and Starbuck’s®.
I write much of his blog at home on the second floor balcony pictured here and known as The Goose’s Nest. Yes, I actually do dress that way in real life. You should have seen me in my Deva wear phase



Almost any good conversation in the south begins with the question, “where are you from?”. Only after comparing our origins (and possibly tracing how we are kin to Mary, Queen of Scots), can we southerners do biz-nes. I’ve been in south Georgia media for over 25 years so there is a good chance you’ve heard me, seen me, or read me without even knowing it was me. Read More Bio

How I Came to Write
Merrill Guice was raised by Oppossums in the Swamps of South Georgia. He used to hang by his tail until he realized that it really wasn’t his tail. read more

The Origin of Marvel Goose
It was the ritual first of the quarter meeting at Valdosta State University’s WVVS-FM. Newbies, oldies, and lost souls were scattered across tables, chairs, and bookcases effortlessly affecting insouciant poses. Most of the meeting could be ignored and most of it was. The real reason for attending was the filling of the schedule form that would determine what time you filled the air. read more