Almost any good conversation in the south begins with the question, “where are you from?”. Only after comparing our origins (and possibly tracing how we are kin to Mary, Queen of Scots), can we southerners do biz-nes. I was in south Georgia media for over 25 years so there is a good chance you’ve heard me, seen me, or read me without even knowing it was me.

I have done a lot of stuff.

My writing career began at the VSU Spectator in 1976 when I started a column that happily raised cain and caused trouble. Among other things, I was responsible for the exposure of embarrassing fraternity secrets (handshakes, passwords, secret definitions), the generation of extreme heartburn at the College Union Board, and the mass exodus of numerous sunbathers from a “beach”. It was fun.

I moved on to help my college pal, Bill Burson, build a radio station in Camilla, GA. It was the most expensive post-graduation degree Bill’s dad ever paid for. While hemorrhaging money all over the place, we succeeded in giving the town one heck of a ride. Some of that is chronicled in the short piece called Bark Bark Bark Hurrah! located on The Goose’s Nest.

After losing all the money we could stand, I returned to Valdosta to finish my degree before moving on to a large market. I’m still here.

At FM-96, my claims to fame included being the “Clue Master” for any number of prize hunts. These exposed the station to huge liability risks, but the ratings were terrific.. No one got hurt, thank goodness, but some stuff did get broken. The favorite clue I never gave was: “the prize is hidden in Johnny Taylor’s place, apartment 111, Spanish Mission. Grab a crowbar and go look for it.”

I think drinking the water from the Remerton water system all those years is why I stayed in Valdosta so long. Something about Remerton Sparkling Water (the water that fizzes right outta the tap), makes one calm, dreamy, and lethargic. Kinda like the wrong kind of tobacco that you smoke from twisted cigarettes.

I then went to work for Dr Buddy. Some people also know him as Bubba Vine, Shemado, Yo-Mamma, and Junior as in “junior and crimson”. One of the best educations in advertising I ever had was hitting the road for Ralph Lee Deen’s Advertising Agency selling these great radio campaigns. I also learned enough TV to put take me to TCI Media Services doing local cable commercials. Yes, I used to have something to do with the Nijem ads that get on the air. But not any more!

In October of 1996, I moved to a new company called Wireless One. In the 19 months I was with WOI, I drove over 50,000 miles plus flew all over the place. Wireless Cable was a good idea but, like a lot of good ideas, it didn’t work very well out in the field. The company went bankrupt and a lot of people (including me) were laid off.

In October of 1998, I jumped to another start up with in the natural gas deregulation frenzy that took Georgia to places it had never been before. I was the Region Manager of SCANA Energy. Those who know me think that I have always been full of Natural Gas. The frenzy passed and I left with a bucket of money (Thanks SCANA!).

Another startup? Yes. Now with Georgia PCS Management, an affiliate of Sprint PCS. I was the District Director and launched Sprint in Valdosta, Waycross, Douglas, and Brunswick. After about a year and a half GA PCS sold out to US Unwired where they put me in charge of the Valdosta Store.

I couldn’t stand being locked up inside a store, so I escaped. My old Natural Gas buddies alerted me to an account exec job opening in Valdosta at Atlanta Gas Light.  Now, I got to drive all over South Georgia a lot and figure out how natural gas lines were to be run to new homes, businesses, and industry.

Three nights a week in a hotel got old after about 10 years so I cashed out from AGL just before they were bought by Georgia Power. I also discovered that 62 year old salesmen were no longer wanted. After the longest period of time I had ever been unemployed I said to heck with it and retired early. If you are working hard out there every day, thank you for my Social Security Check and thank you to all those companies who gave me 401k’s and pension funds.

Online I was the sysop of the Green Lantern BBS, moderator of several South East Regional echoes in Fidonet, editor of the Valdosta BBS Newsletter, and author of several shareware utilities for the Host+ Mini BBS that came with every copy of the Telix Communications Program. I tossed all that out and got on the Internet in January 1996. My first site, The Gooses Nest, came up soon afterwards.  Now, I’m all over twitter with several accounts and run more than one website.

In real life, I am married to Frances and we have two boys, Robin and Tristan. I attend Christ Episcopal Church. I have been to Cursillo, Happening, and Vocare. I am also a lay-reader.

My Momma and Daddy live in the Sunset Cemetery in Homerville, GA.  My sister Pam also lives in Valdosta where she teaches English as a second language to rednecks at Lowndes High and my brother Jason lives in DuPont, GA.

Now boy, where are you from?

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