The Origin of Marvel Goose

It was the ritual first of the quarter meeting at Valdosta State University's WVVS-FM. Newbies, oldies, and lost souls were scattered across tables, chairs, and bookcases effortlessly affecting insouciant poses. Most of the meeting could be ignored and most of it was. The real reason for attending was the filling of the schedule form that would determine what time you filled the air. As a definite oldie and member of the staff, I had dibs on my favorite spot so I just scrawled things in a hurry and left. My job title was production director. That meant that I created the very few taped elements of our free-form college shows. When I reported in to work the next day, I was greeted at the stairs by a staffer. "Hello, Marvel Goose", said she. And then she laughed and hopped down the stairs.. Stranger stuff than that happens everyday at any radio station in the nation you care to visit, but I was now forewarned. I entered the office and saw that the new fall schedule had been posted. Checking to make sure that my spot was still mine, I found that it wasn't. Someone named Marvel Goose had Fridays from 8 to Midnight. That was close enough to my own name to flag it as a joke. All I needed now was the punch line and it wasn't long arriving. I heard laughter from the control room and the station manager hopped out. "New secretary!" he shouted. "She was complaining about this guy called Marvel Goose and his terrible, terrible hand writing. When I saw that it was your form, I told her not to make fun of your name because you're sensitive about it. Let's roll with it awhile -- Marvel" I felt sensitive already. Like most improbable things in life, the name stuck. The secretary became known as Tiny Myra and her only other claim to fame was that she came up with the name "telequest" for the request show that I did on those Friday nights. She got married and had a lot of kids and isn't as tiny anymore but then, who is... Back to the About Page   © Copyright 1995, Merrill Guice, All Rights Reserved