What is RSS?

RSS is a way to make the Internet come to YOU instead of you having to go out and get the Internet.  Some call RSS a “newsfeed”.

A newsfeed brings all the content of the websites you like to you in one place. That one place can be in your e-mail program, a newsreader, your home page, or your browser.

RSS Feed IconWherever you see the orange newsfeed icon on The Daily Egg site, just click it to subscribe to the full-text newsfeed.  Click on the link now. It won’t hurt! You can add the feed to your iGoogle page, Bloglines, your My Yahoo! page, Newsgator, or Technorati favorites.  If you download a newsreader you get all the latest posts direct to your desktop without even having to open a browser.  You do not have to register or hand out your e-mail address. In a reader you can share posts, bookmark them, and comment on them, all you have to do is click the appropriate links in the newsfeed.

Not got a newsreader installed?

Not to worry, I have set things up (using Feedburner) so that you get various choices when you click that newsfeed icon or the subscribe button. You get options that allow you to subscribe for free to The Daily Egg newsfeed.  If you prefer a traditional content delivery method, you can still subscribe by email to get the latest posts delivered to your mailbox. I use an opt-in service for e-mail and do not share your email with anyone.

You can also use an online news reader such as:

If you’ are using the Firefox web browser you can save my newsfeed as a live bookmark, which updates with the latest headlines regularly. The comments feed is also available via the orange RSS icon that will appear in the address bar.

Same goes for Internet Explorer 7 which can handle my newsfeed just as easily, just click the orange icon in the toolbar (you can choose newsfeed, or comments feed).

If you’re a Thunderbird email fan, then simply create a News & Blogs account and read my posts just like your regular email, without even having to send me your email address.

While Outlook Express does not have this feature, Vista users will find it in the Windows Mail program that replaced it.

I hope you have found this quick tutorial helpful.  Please feel free to e-mail me with questions.

If you are a blogger, feel free to take this page and make it your own. Here is the basic code in a simple text file(right click to download). Please do me the favor of downloading the images and posting them in your own space.  Let me know how you improved on my work!