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by Marvel Goose on October 5, 2008

Buy Phenytoin Without Prescription, Sunday, October 5, 2008 3:00 pm 

Flagstaff, Arizona (AP) - The McCain campaign today released a statement from John McCain. Phenytoin in australia, "If elected, I promise to die before two years is out and allow Sara Palin to take over the Presidency."  An advisor, buy generic Phenytoin, Where can i buy cheapest Phenytoin online, speaking anonymously because he's not supposed to talk to the press, said that the move was a response to the debate performance of Governor Palin on Thursday Night, where can i find Phenytoin online. Phenytoin in canada, "She's saved this campaign twice already and its pretty obvious that everyone wants her and no one wants him.  John has always been ready to give his life for his country."

Others in the McCain camp, buy Phenytoin from canada, Online buying Phenytoin hcl, who are also not supposed to talk to reporters but just can't help themselves, called the move a desparate "Hail Mary" to pull the campaign back to even with Barack Obama, buy Phenytoin online no prescription. Phenytoin from canadian pharmacy,  The two year period is supposed to give Palen a chance to "learn the ways of Washington" under masters Yoda and Cheney.

On hearing the news, officials at NBC put Tina Fey under suicide watch.

Sunday, October 4, 2008  3:30 pm 

Chicago, Illinois (Reuters) - The Obama campaign this afternoon released a statement from the candidate reponding to the McCain announcement, Buy Phenytoin Without Prescription. "If elected, buy no prescription Phenytoin online, Phenytoin pills, I promise that I will never die." Campaign officials said that the announcement was due more to pressure from Democrats after Senator Biden's performance on Thursday night than it was to the McCain Campaign's announcement.

"Really, buy Phenytoin online without prescription, Where to buy Phenytoin, this is not this much news, " said an advisor who was busily hitting himself over the head with a cucumber as punishment for talking to the press, buy Phenytoin online cod, Phenytoin from international pharmacy, "all of us already knew that Obama will never die," he said, where can i buy Phenytoin online, Phenytoin in japan, "didn't you catch the video on You Tube?"

Sunday, October 4, buy Phenytoin without prescription, Phenytoin to buy online, 2008 3:45pm 

Scanton, Pennslyvania (Daily Show) -  In response to reporters questions, Phenytoin overseas, Phenytoin in usa, Senator Joe Biden seemingly contradicted his own campaign office today. When asked about McCain's statement, online buy Phenytoin without a prescription, Buy Phenytoin from mexico, he said, "if she's President, Phenytoin for sale, Phenytoin craiglist, we're all dead."  Biden went on to say that in case of the death of Barack Obama that he would "immediately call Hillary Clinton" to be his Vice President.

When told that Obama had just announced that he would never die, where to buy Phenytoin, Ordering Phenytoin online, Biden blanched and said, "of course he'll never die, order Phenytoin online c.o.d. Buying Phenytoin online over the counter, Who said anything about Obama dying?".  Biden then accused reporters of not understanding what he meant.

Sunday, Phenytoin tablets, Saturday delivery Phenytoin, October 4, 2008 4:15 pm 

New York City, real brand Phenytoin online, Phenytoin prescriptions, NY - (Bloomberg) Today when told that Biden had promised to make her Vice President if Obama were to die, Mrs, purchase Phenytoin online. Phenytoin in mexico, Clinton smiled tightly and said she'd rather be President, "over Joe's dead body."  She then jumped into a waiting limo and pulled away, Phenytoin to buy. Phenytoin discount,  Reporters said they heard a loud cackling noise as she rode out of sight.

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