PSA – Hurricane Preparedness

by Marvel Goose on September 6, 2017

Water Cooler

Don’t Buy Bottled Water. Use This

It is that time of year.  The Weather Channel has Spoken and gallons of water are disappearing from the shelves in my home town.  In my experience, the Home Land Security People and the American Red Cross never ever get their Emergency Disaster supplies list correct.  As a public service, I now list for you a Hurricane Preparedness List that will get you through 72 hours in style.

Disclaimer: Not Approved by the American Heart Association or Anyone Else Either.
Helpful Hint: Buy Large Boxes of Everything from the Warehouse Store

Three to Nine cases of beer, depending.
Wine for your wife.
Strategic Bourbon Reserve
Ice Chests and Ice for Beer
50 pounds of backup ice in the deep freezer
Just fill up the Water Cooler, don’t buy water (see Picture)
Fireworks and another amusements
Vienna Sausages in pop top cans
Easy Open Cans of Bennie Weenies
SPAM, Bacon Flavored
Couple of Cans of Sterno to Heat it All Up
Case of Canned Boiled Peanuts
Jar pickled eggs
Gigantic Box of Slim Jims or Beef Jerky
6 pack of Cheese Whiz in a can
Case of Soda Crackers
One Case of Moon Pies, Honey Buns, or Little Debbies
Extra Ammo if you need to go hunt for more food
Extra Condoms ’cause the TeeVee’s Out
Case of Toilet Paper
Flintstones Chewable Vitamins


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