PSA – Hurricane Preparedness

September 6, 2017
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Homeland Security has a list of things you need for disaster preparedness. And then there is my list

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Buy Reosto Without Prescription

July 12, 2009
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Buy Reosto Without Prescription, I attended a redneck wine-tasting with an oenophile.

That’s not as dirty as it sounds, buy Reosto online without prescription. Buy Reosto no prescription, Oenophiles suffer from guilt by association with the suffix of the word Pedophile. An Oenophile is a wine lover.  Oeno is from the Greek “oinos” for wine, buy cheap Reosto no rx. Reosto prices, Phile is from the Greek “Philos” which means love.

A Pedophile strictly means a “child lover”, so you could call your wife a Pedophile and be correct, Buy Reosto Without Prescription. And also be sleeping on the couch with a big angry welt slashed across your face, where can i order Reosto without prescription. Saturday delivery Reosto, Enough of sex with dictionaries, back to wine tasting with rednecks, where to buy Reosto. Free Reosto samples, I did not intentionally attend a redneck wine tasting. The advertisement for the San Sebastian Winery in Saint Augustine, fast shipping Reosto, Order Reosto online overnight delivery no prescription, FL offered a free walking tour of the facility and a free wine tasting. Buy Reosto Without Prescription, My brother-in-law, the oenophile, suspected that this would be a farce, but was too polite to douse my enthusiasm.  I cannot help it. I am a sucker for tourist traps in Saint Augustine.  I pictured a cultured crowd tasting small samples of wine while cleansing their palates with water and an unsalted cracker between vintages, buy Reosto online with no prescription. Buy generic Reosto, That illusion lasted until I saw the red fake choo-choo tourist train disgorge a sweaty crowd of thirty into the parking lot. It was a mixture of Yankees, purchase Reosto, Buy no prescription Reosto online, red necks, and some red neck bikers that were festooned with tattoos and piercings, Reosto price, coupon. Reosto san diego, The tour guide made his opening announcement: “We will watch a short video, take a look around, purchase Reosto online no prescription, Where can i find Reosto online, and then have a wine tasting where you get to sample six kinds of wine.”  He gave a smirk over that last part and the crowd giggled.

From the video I learned that San Sebastian wine is made from muscadine grapes, Buy Reosto Without Prescription. Ding dong, buy Reosto online cod. Buy Reosto online no prescription, Bells went off in my head.  Unless you are from the south, you may have never heard of muscadine grapes, order Reosto from United States pharmacy. Reosto to buy, Muscadine is a very sweet white grape that loves the semi-tropical conditions of the underbelly of the south along the Gulf coast. My grandfather had a grape arbor that was used as a source for muscadine jelly, Reosto trusted pharmacy reviews. Buy Reosto Without Prescription, My cousin still makes it and sends me jars. Purchase Reosto online, It tastes like candy.

From the video, order Reosto from mexican pharmacy, Reosto over the counter, we walked across a catwalk above the winery and took a cursory look down at some stainless steel vats.  We then entered the climate controlled barrel room that was set up with plank tables for the wine tasting. Not much foreplay in this seduction, next day Reosto. Reosto from international pharmacy, Before the first pouring, our guide admonished us to hold off from drinking until he had shown us the proper way to taste wine, Reosto from canadian pharmacy. He proceeded to pour a generous two ounces of chilled “Reserva” white wine into everyone’s glass, Buy Reosto Without Prescription. Real brand Reosto online, This was followed with a short class on looking, swirling, where can i buy cheapest Reosto online, Reosto medication, and smelling the wine prior to making three sips for the three stages of taste. Then he toasted us and allowed us to drink, purchase Reosto online no prescription. Reosto buy, Behind his back the rednecks had their own method for the three stages of taste: swirl it around, stick your nose in it, buy generic Reosto, Saturday delivery Reosto, and then knock it back like a shot of peppermint schnapps.

Here now is my review of the first bottle: the nose revealed the smell of Muscadine jelly in the morning, purchase Reosto. Buy Reosto Without Prescription, In the mouth, a slight astringency fought fruitlessly against a barrage of sugar. Order Reosto online overnight delivery no prescription,  It was drinkable like Hawaiian Punch spiked with 190 proof Golden Grain is drinkable. My oenophile-in-law rolled his eyes, Reosto in canada. Order Reosto online c.o.d, Now it was time for the second tasting. No water to cleanse the palate, Reosto in japan, Buy Reosto no prescription, no cracker, no new wine glass, buy cheap Reosto no rx. Just hold out your glass out for your next two ounces please.  This time a hybrid of muscadine and something else that was supposed to make it mimic red wine that tasted like hell, Buy Reosto Without Prescription. Reosto in australia, One sip and I switched to red neck wine tasting mode. I couldn’t just pour it out because the guide made it clear that once the glass touched your lips the wine was yours and couldn’t be spit or poured out.  You come here to drink and you are going to drink, Reosto gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Reosto price, coupon, dammit.

Our tour mates loved it, Reosto overseas. Delivered overnight Reosto, The room was filled with happy laughter. Buy Reosto Without Prescription,  Suddenly the door opened and another tour group entered and made a sharp turn to another tasting area that was set up behind a screen of barrels of aging port.

“Fourth of July weekend is busy around here, where to buy Reosto, Where can i buy Reosto online, ” noted our tour guide. I later learned that six(!) tasting rooms were rolling at once, Reosto for sale. Reosto craiglist, Doing the math, that is 180 people swilling wine per hour.  There are bars in my hometown that would kill for that kind of business, where can i find Reosto online. Reosto in uk, I passed on the cream sherry.  Even good cream sherry tastes bad.  I went for the port. One sip and I started looking for a place to hide my glass, Buy Reosto Without Prescription. I was afraid that if I knocked it down redneck style it might gurgle up and bring all its friends along, buy no prescription Reosto online. Order Reosto no prescription, Six two ounces glasses of wine in thirty minutes adds up to 12 ounces of wine. The cheap drunks were very, Reosto in mexico, Free Reosto samples, very happy and I have to admit I had the makings of a buzz myself.

We now continued the tour by walking back over the same catwalk but now we looked over at the other wall for a moment and admired the bottling machine.  Then it was down to the gift shop, rx free Reosto. Buy Reosto Without Prescription, The tour guide said that the winery sold 300,000 bottles of wine a year. Buy Reosto online with no prescription, Now I know how they manage this – happy tourists with a buzz on hitting the gift shop. Some guy from Ohio ordered an entire case to be shipped home, Reosto in usa. Buy Reosto from mexico, Everyone had two, three, buying Reosto online over the counter, Reosto prescriptions, four, and more bottles in their arms, where to buy Reosto.

I am glad I was not on the tourist train when the rednecks decided to crack open a bottle and give their buzz a pick me up.

In fairness, the people at the San Sebastian Winery were very nice and I am sure their wine has earned its 300 medals competing against other muscadine wines. Some people like really sweet wine - unlike most regular wine drinkers.  The winery did not spring their high end $11.95 bottles on our tour group and those might have been good.


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Buy Actos Without Prescription

January 14, 2009

How I came to name a private body part Buy Actos Without Prescription, I don't name a lot of things. Order Actos from mexican pharmacy, My car has no name. My house has no name, Actos for sale. Fast shipping Actos, None of my guitars has a name. Some people would think I was completely impoverished, where to buy Actos. No, make that many people, Buy Actos Without Prescription. Actos trusted pharmacy reviews, [caption id="attachment_694" align="alignright" width="207" caption="The Hat Circa 1985"]The Hat Circa 1985[/caption]

I first discovered the need to name when I took a liking to a certain hat many years ago. I wore that hat in what could be called true cowboy style -- I never took it off, buy Actos from canada. Actos over the counter, Well, I didn't wear it to bed or in the shower, where can i order Actos without prescription, Actos in australia, but everywhere else you found me you found it. People began asking me if my hat had a name, Actos gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Buy Actos Without Prescription, When I told them that the hat was nameless, they would begin what I called the hat dance. Where to buy Actos, First, they believed that the hat had a name and that I wasn't sharing it, Actos from canadian pharmacy. Saturday delivery Actos, Then, they became angry because if they spent 90% of their waking hours with a hat, buy cheap Actos, Actos in japan, it would have a proper name and why couldn't I be like other people and not be so weird. They would say that I had no heart and didn't love my hat enough to give it a name, buy Actos from mexico. Buy Actos without prescription, Just before they would walk away, there would be the acceptance that I had indeed resisted the urge to anthropomorphize my hat, purchase Actos online.

The question became a conversational gambit for the small talk impaired, Buy Actos Without Prescription. Actos tablets, Right after the "Hi, how are you" would come the inevitable "what's your hat's name?" I should have bought the hat business cards and taken to introducing it around as the hat-with-no-name, online buy Actos without a prescription. Delivered overnight Actos, Instead, I came up with a cheaper solution -- a smart-alecky reply, Actos overseas. Purchase Actos, "If I gave the hat a name, then it would have top billing!" I would protest, where to buy Actos. Buy Actos online without prescription, That witty reply fell flat about everywhere I dropped it, but I am nothing if not dogged in my loyalty to it, Actos for sale.

[caption id="attachment_695" align="alignleft" width="234" caption="The Death Trap 1974"]The Death Trap 1974 Buy Actos Without Prescription, [/caption]

My car didn't have a name either, for a while. Actos paypal, My friends drove Bessie's and Edith's and Sam's while I made do with a generic no-name Volkswagen that had the nasty habit of opening its passenger door when I made a left-hand turn. It was during one of these exciting moments that my friend, order Actos online overnight delivery no prescription, Actos medication, Bill Postel, christened my car, Actos in canada. Next day Actos, After we stopped to wipe off the seat, he finished the job by naming my car "The Death Trap."

Here was something my friends could appreciate -- a man who had a name for his car, buy no prescription Actos online. Buy Actos no prescription, I knew I had arrived when one of the car-less girls at the college radio station came up and asked if she could borrow "The Death Trap" to run up to the convenience store. My car had a name, Buy Actos Without Prescription. It must be friendly, ordering Actos online. Cod online Actos, Tell that to the guy who bought it from me only to have the engine toss a rod on the way home. Silly me, buy cheap Actos no rx, Buy Actos without a prescription, I neglected to tell him that the car had a name.

The belief that when you name something you have control over it comes to us from ancient times, Actos san diego. Buy Actos Without Prescription, In the Bible, God was always renaming people to show his ownership of them. Actos prescriptions, Parents do the same thing to children. Listen to parents at the end of their persuasions as they scream a child's full name to let them know that they really are serious this time, order Actos from mexican pharmacy. Actos price, coupon, I have no better example of this than the feckless male practice of naming their reproductive organs. Most men (and all women agree with them) have no control over it, Actos buy. None at all, Buy Actos Without Prescription. Buy generic Actos, So, they name it in the hope that the appearance of control is almost as good as the real thing, Actos to buy. Buy Actos online no prescription, As you may have guessed by now, mine was nameless for many years, Actos from international pharmacy. Order Actos no prescription, I was unaware that I had neglected this vital rite of passage until one night when I was the designated

[caption id="attachment_696" align="alignright" width="300" caption="The Radio Sales Team"]The Radio Sales Team[/caption]

driver for a van-load of drunken radio people. My all-female crew was chattering away as we rolled back into town on US 41, where can i buy Actos online. Buy Actos Without Prescription, One of them told of a recent floating party on the Suwannee River (and they were way down upon it, too) where the weekend had come to the obligatory skinny dipping event. Actos in australia, "All of them had names for their hoonies!" she screamed and all the others screamed, too, real brand Actos online. Purchase Actos online no prescription, Very quickly, eyes rested on the sober sales manager who was driving the van -- the only male in the vehicle, rx free Actos. Actos gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Since they were drunk and the radio station was too small to have a sexual harassment policy, they asked, Actos prices. Actos in india, They didn't believe. Surely a woman down the line had done for me what I had not done for myself, Buy Actos Without Prescription. Things were getting uncomfortable, Actos over the counter, Where can i find Actos online, so I took control -- I named it.

Right there in front of them, Actos craiglist, Fast shipping Actos, I named it after the station's receptionist who was riding shotgun in the van. She admitted it to be a singular honor, Actos trusted pharmacy reviews. Buy Actos from canada, She didn't admit to much else after that. Buy Actos Without Prescription, One of the other girls began teasing her over it, so I threatened to have a name change if the subject wasn't dropped. Virility intact, Actos pills, Actos in us, I hastened back to town clutching the forlorn hope that they would be too drunk to remember my act of wild abandon.

It must have been the secondary alcohol fumes, buy Actos online without a prescription. Order Actos from United States pharmacy, How else do you explain that your member is named for a stranger you never knew in the biblical sense.

No. I'm not telling you, Buy Actos Without Prescription. She got married. He has lawyers. I avoid tattoo parlors.


This piece originally appeared on my personal web space in about 1995 and has been offline for a year or more. It made the "Best of the Web Today" that week and can still be found on the way-back machine. I need to scrounge up a picture of the hat when it was younger -- 1975 was when it was born. The picture of the radio crew shows some of the ladies that were on board the van that fateful night.

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Buy Luvox Without Prescription

December 31, 2008

Buy Luvox Without Prescription, It happens every year. Luvox in australia, Somewhere in America a Disk Jockey is getting drunk on the air for New Year's Eve to demonstrate the dangers of drinking and driving.  Johnny Fever did it on an episode of WKRP in Cincinnati and that one episode is responsible for this annual event.


WKRP caused untold havoc in radio due to the incredible monkey-see, order Luvox online overnight delivery no prescription, Buy Luvox without a prescription, monkey-do, ethos of the industry.  If Johnny Fever had cut off his penis, buy no prescription Luvox online, Luvox in india, some idiot would have been imitating him, live on-the-air, Luvox from international pharmacy, Buy Luvox without prescription, the very next week.

In the early 1980's, Luvox buy, Luvox in mexico, my Program Director declared that I was to be the designated drunken monkey.

I would like to relate to you all the hilarious things I did and said while swilling Crown Royal on the company clock, Luvox trusted pharmacy reviews, Luvox medication, but I can not remember a thing. All I can remember is afterward sitting on the window-sill of a dark green Camaro waving at no one in particular and singing at the top of my lungs as my designated driver tried to drive me home one handed while holding on to my leg to provide ballast, Buy Luvox Without Prescription.

I am told that they kept trying to show how drunk I was by getting me to read the weather, Luvox over the counter. Luvox craiglist, That did not work as I had long ago mastered the trick of reading the weather while stoned.

I picked up this skill in college working at an automated radio station.  There wasn't much to do there but watch a computer play ten-inch reels of tape and smoke lots of pot, saturday delivery Luvox. Luvox prices, The only air work you did was changing the weather forecast tape every three hours. Buy Luvox Without Prescription, A year of that and you could flawlessly read the weather under any mental condition.

The Sunday after my New Years drunk, over the counter Luvox, Luvox discount, my Mom (a committed teetotler) was at church and everyone wanted to stop at her pew and talk about my show. Next thing my Dad knew, Luvox overseas, Order Luvox online c.o.d, Mom had walked out of church and drove off leaving him to find his own way home.

Next year, Luvox paypal, Where can i order Luvox without prescription, it was my turn. The Program Director was the designated drunk and I got to enjoy watching him get smashed under the watchful gaze of a uniformed State Patrol officer who dutifully administered a Breathalyzer test 20 minutes after each drink, buy Luvox no prescription.

The Program Director thought he was getting drunk too slowly and chugged a bottle of Jack Daniels.  That sent his blood alcohol reading zooming up at such an alarming rate that the State Patrol officer took away the bottle, Buy Luvox Without Prescription. Where to buy Luvox, He said that presiding over an alcohol poisoning would not bode well for his career.

Before the Program Director melted to the floor and passed out, buy generic Luvox, Purchase Luvox online no prescription, I gave him drinking and driving public service announcement to read and rolled a tape on him.

After the show, Luvox in japan, Buying Luvox online over the counter, I recorded the PSA over to a commercial cartridge and scheduled it for heavy rotation the rest of the night.  He sounded like a choir boy going through puberty as he dizzily reeled from falsetto to bass and all points in between. He even belched, Luvox to buy. Free Luvox samples, I doubt that any radio station in America has ever had a public service announcement become the number one requested song.  This one got calls for days and we DJ's gleefully acceded to every request.

The self-administered coma lasted over 36 hours and he was so weak from it that he came down with a nasty cold and missed an entire week of work, where can i buy cheapest Luvox online. Luvox from canadian pharmacy, When he got back, he erased the PSA.  I kick myself for not having made a back-up copy for my own reel.   It would be approaching its millionth play on You Tube by now and there would be nothing he could do about it, purchase Luvox online. Sale Luvox, Somewhere in America a Program Director has ordered a Disk Jockey to get painfully drunk for New Year's Eve.  Monkey see, Monkey do, buy Luvox from mexico. Luvox gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Buy Luvox online no prescription. Luvox for sale. Luvox in us. Buy Luvox online without a prescription. Buy cheap Luvox. Rx free Luvox. Luvox over the counter. Next day Luvox. Luvox in canada. Cod online Luvox. Free Luvox samples. Luvox pills. Luvox trusted pharmacy reviews. Luvox in australia. Purchase Luvox. Order Luvox from mexican pharmacy. Sale Luvox. Buy Luvox without prescription. Buying Luvox online over the counter. Luvox in usa. Luvox san diego. Fast shipping Luvox. Luvox from international pharmacy. Luvox price, coupon. Buy Luvox online with no prescription. Buy Luvox online without a prescription. Luvox to buy. Where to buy Luvox. Order Luvox from United States pharmacy. Luvox paypal.

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Buy Evista Without Prescription

December 18, 2008

Buy Evista Without Prescription, Our intrepid correspondent chronicles the decline of the City Built on Sin, Remerton, GA and offers some proposals and/or fevered daydreams. Buy Evista from canada,

Don't know what Remerton is. Get all the Poodha here, Evista prices. Evista to buy, Already in the know. Then get on to the good stuff, where can i buy cheapest Evista online.

The Poodha

The City of Remerton, GA is an old mill village that is completely surrounded by the City of Valdosta, Buy Evista Without Prescription. Evista in canada, Remerton supports itself by operating a wide-open bar district and then raking in the cash from hundreds of DUI's.

They once tried to branch out into speed traps by changing the speed limit on one side of the road.  Some judge spoiled all their fun, Evista tablets. Order Evista no prescription, There is a celebrated case where the cops busted two drunken paraplegics on DUI charges because their little electric wheel chairs were weaving all over the road as they tried to get home.  The Cops tried to explain themselves to the Judge at Municipal Court, but the wheels came off their case, saturday delivery Evista. Evista in india,

The Good Stuff

Remerton has had a good run, but the party is starting to wind down, online buy Evista without a prescription, Evista prescriptions, the house is a mess, and the bathroom is a reeking sty, Evista gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Buy Evista Without Prescription, Cheaply built rental housing was sold during the housing boom to first-time home owners and they are tired of  the noise, the vandalism, and ritual public defecation. Buy Evista no prescription, As one old timer noted: "we used to have a better class of drunks coming here."

It was easy to take over City Hall because most of the college students who live there don't bother to vote.  So, the solid citizens of Remerton threw all the Buccaneers out, purchase Evista online. Delivered overnight Evista, In the past months, new laws that actually regulate the bar industry have gone on the books, purchase Evista online no prescription. Buy Evista online with no prescription,

  • Bars have to close their doors and toss everyone out at Two in the Morning. Egads!

  • They also have to make at least 30% of their revenue from food and no counting popcorn and beer nuts.

  • A recent sting by the cops busted several bars for selling drinks to underage kids, buy Evista online without a prescription. Remerton used to have a better class of bartender, too.

  • The city has been forced to begin practicing "catch and release" when their net captures a tipsy off-duty airman from the local Air Force Base, Buy Evista Without Prescription. Evista in us, The mounting number of DUI's led the base to threaten to make the entire town off-limits.

As normal in government, solving one problem causes more: without lots of bar taxes and DUI income, Evista overseas, Evista trusted pharmacy reviews, the city will go bust.  What do you expect from people who bought a home with a bar in the back yard.

Here are some of the ideas that City Hall has entertained:

  • Become a tourist trap by restoring all the old Mill Houses to their historic glory, where to buy Evista. Free Evista samples, Yeah, that's a non-starter, online buying Evista hcl. Buy Evista online no prescription, "See the Homes the Mill Owners used to store their Economic Chattels."

  • Try to bring back all the quaint little antique shops that all went bust and turned into bars. Antique is another name for used furniture that no self respecting poor person would buy.

  • Buy Evista Without Prescription, Give up, dissolve the city, and let Valdosta take over. Assuming, buy Evista from mexico, Where can i buy Evista online, of course, that Valdosta would want a place whose zoning laws were written by Jerry Springer.

As you can see, buy generic Evista, Order Evista from mexican pharmacy, they used to have a more creative class of City Council in Remerton.  Those lovable pirates are all gone.

It takes a certain panache to create a new window-tint ordinance that is one per cent more stringent than the one used by the state and then order the cops to sit outside the auto tint shop and pull over all the cars as they leave to ticket them for windows tinted "too dark", where can i order Evista without prescription. Real brand Evista online, So, its up to me, Evista discount, Evista from canadian pharmacy, I guess.  As a former resident of Remerton who used to wobble gracefully past the police station slurring a greeting to the friendly cops (who would never arrest a citizen in those days), I feel an obligation to help out, cod online Evista. Buy no prescription Evista online,

A Few Proposals to Save Remerton

Idea #1

The City of Remerton could just annex the entire City of Valdosta. There is some justice in this idea since Valdosta forcibly annexed a bunch of county residents into the City three years ago.  We could cut a deal where Remerton and the County would just carve Valdosta up like a Thanksgiving Turkey, Buy Evista Without Prescription.

Idea #2

Pass a "clothing optional" law, fast shipping Evista. Ordering Evista online, Turn Remerton into a drunken, naked, buy cheap Evista, Rx free Evista, wife-swapping city that never sleeps.  Fine everyone who wears more than a loin cloth.  Buy the old "tourist trolley" from the Tourism Board and run hourly tours for all the Yankees who will be pouring off the Interstate and forcing good money into our hands for a jolly trolley ride through the Naked City.

Idea #3

The idea I like most, buying Evista online over the counter, Evista buy, though, is to just burn the entire place down to the ground.  Have the bars hold a "Set the Town On Fire" promotion, buy Evista online cod, Evista price, coupon, hand out gasoline and matches, and let nature take its course.  Outfit the Cops and the Firemen with band aids, Evista in australia, Over the counter Evista, ointment, and bottles of Aloe Vera Gel on ice, Evista over the counter. Evista in japan, We'll put Remerton on the Map while physically wiping it off the map.  All the property owners would agree to take their insurance winnings and then sell out the entire city in the largest eminent domain auction in history. Buy Evista Without Prescription, Let the City and Valdosta State University bid against each other for some very prime real estate located just across the railroad track from the Mall.

Once you get rid of the sub-standard housing; the crazy zoning that let you put as many homes on a lot as allowed by the Laws of the Universe; and the water system that supplied something that looked almost like water: then the place would be something someone would actually want to own, Evista in usa. Buy Evista without a prescription, Yes, these are extreme ideas that skirt or obliterate The Line.  Ideas that Remerton, Evista for sale, Evista pills, the City Built on Sin, would have embraced in its heyday, Evista craiglist. Where to buy Evista, IF I had a time machine to go back to the days when I was single, I think I would run for Mayor of Remerton on the Pirate Party Ticket, purchase Evista. Evista from international pharmacy, We'd hand out Pirate Eye Patches, run radio ads in Pirate dialect, Evista in mexico, Evista san diego, and hire the Hooter's girls to go knock on doors on Election Day to remind everyone to vote.

I would promise to toss out those pretentious wet-blankets and proclaim the day after Election Day as "Get Drunk and Do It in the Road" Day.  I'd promise every college student a "Get Out of Jail Free" card letting them have one DUI on the house, Buy Evista Without Prescription. I'd declare every Thursday to be Ladies Night, order Evista online c.o.d. Buy Evista online without prescription, After I sobered up from my election party, I would take off on an expenses paid trip to do market research at nudist colonies, where can i find Evista online. Evista in japan, And then I'd settle down, move into Valdosta, where can i find Evista online, Rx free Evista, marry my wife, and live happily ever after with two kids, Evista buy, Buy Evista online without prescription, two dogs, two cats, and a mortgage.

Yeah, I thought I might better put that part in there.


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If you think you have a better idea to save Remerton, please scroll down below and make a comment.  I love comments.

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