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by Marvel Goose on January 14, 2009

How I came to name a private body part Buy Actos Without Prescription, I don't name a lot of things. Order Actos from mexican pharmacy, My car has no name. My house has no name, Actos for sale. Fast shipping Actos, None of my guitars has a name. Some people would think I was completely impoverished, where to buy Actos. No, make that many people, Buy Actos Without Prescription. Actos trusted pharmacy reviews, [caption id="attachment_694" align="alignright" width="207" caption="The Hat Circa 1985"]The Hat Circa 1985[/caption]

I first discovered the need to name when I took a liking to a certain hat many years ago. I wore that hat in what could be called true cowboy style -- I never took it off, buy Actos from canada. Actos over the counter, Well, I didn't wear it to bed or in the shower, where can i order Actos without prescription, Actos in australia, but everywhere else you found me you found it. People began asking me if my hat had a name, Actos gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Buy Actos Without Prescription, When I told them that the hat was nameless, they would begin what I called the hat dance. Where to buy Actos, First, they believed that the hat had a name and that I wasn't sharing it, Actos from canadian pharmacy. Saturday delivery Actos, Then, they became angry because if they spent 90% of their waking hours with a hat, buy cheap Actos, Actos in japan, it would have a proper name and why couldn't I be like other people and not be so weird. They would say that I had no heart and didn't love my hat enough to give it a name, buy Actos from mexico. Buy Actos without prescription, Just before they would walk away, there would be the acceptance that I had indeed resisted the urge to anthropomorphize my hat, purchase Actos online.

The question became a conversational gambit for the small talk impaired, Buy Actos Without Prescription. Actos tablets, Right after the "Hi, how are you" would come the inevitable "what's your hat's name?" I should have bought the hat business cards and taken to introducing it around as the hat-with-no-name, online buy Actos without a prescription. Delivered overnight Actos, Instead, I came up with a cheaper solution -- a smart-alecky reply, Actos overseas. Purchase Actos, "If I gave the hat a name, then it would have top billing!" I would protest, where to buy Actos. Buy Actos online without prescription, That witty reply fell flat about everywhere I dropped it, but I am nothing if not dogged in my loyalty to it, Actos for sale.

[caption id="attachment_695" align="alignleft" width="234" caption="The Death Trap 1974"]The Death Trap 1974 Buy Actos Without Prescription, [/caption]

My car didn't have a name either, for a while. Actos paypal, My friends drove Bessie's and Edith's and Sam's while I made do with a generic no-name Volkswagen that had the nasty habit of opening its passenger door when I made a left-hand turn. It was during one of these exciting moments that my friend, order Actos online overnight delivery no prescription, Actos medication, Bill Postel, christened my car, Actos in canada. Next day Actos, After we stopped to wipe off the seat, he finished the job by naming my car "The Death Trap."

Here was something my friends could appreciate -- a man who had a name for his car, buy no prescription Actos online. Buy Actos no prescription, I knew I had arrived when one of the car-less girls at the college radio station came up and asked if she could borrow "The Death Trap" to run up to the convenience store. My car had a name, Buy Actos Without Prescription. It must be friendly, ordering Actos online. Cod online Actos, Tell that to the guy who bought it from me only to have the engine toss a rod on the way home. Silly me, buy cheap Actos no rx, Buy Actos without a prescription, I neglected to tell him that the car had a name.

The belief that when you name something you have control over it comes to us from ancient times, Actos san diego. Buy Actos Without Prescription, In the Bible, God was always renaming people to show his ownership of them. Actos prescriptions, Parents do the same thing to children. Listen to parents at the end of their persuasions as they scream a child's full name to let them know that they really are serious this time, order Actos from mexican pharmacy. Actos price, coupon, I have no better example of this than the feckless male practice of naming their reproductive organs. Most men (and all women agree with them) have no control over it, Actos buy. None at all, Buy Actos Without Prescription. Buy generic Actos, So, they name it in the hope that the appearance of control is almost as good as the real thing, Actos to buy. Buy Actos online no prescription, As you may have guessed by now, mine was nameless for many years, Actos from international pharmacy. Order Actos no prescription, I was unaware that I had neglected this vital rite of passage until one night when I was the designated

[caption id="attachment_696" align="alignright" width="300" caption="The Radio Sales Team"]The Radio Sales Team[/caption]

driver for a van-load of drunken radio people. My all-female crew was chattering away as we rolled back into town on US 41, where can i buy Actos online. Buy Actos Without Prescription, One of them told of a recent floating party on the Suwannee River (and they were way down upon it, too) where the weekend had come to the obligatory skinny dipping event. Actos in australia, "All of them had names for their hoonies!" she screamed and all the others screamed, too, real brand Actos online. Purchase Actos online no prescription, Very quickly, eyes rested on the sober sales manager who was driving the van -- the only male in the vehicle, rx free Actos. Actos gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Since they were drunk and the radio station was too small to have a sexual harassment policy, they asked, Actos prices. Actos in india, They didn't believe. Surely a woman down the line had done for me what I had not done for myself, Buy Actos Without Prescription. Things were getting uncomfortable, Actos over the counter, Where can i find Actos online, so I took control -- I named it.

Right there in front of them, Actos craiglist, Fast shipping Actos, I named it after the station's receptionist who was riding shotgun in the van. She admitted it to be a singular honor, Actos trusted pharmacy reviews. Buy Actos from canada, She didn't admit to much else after that. Buy Actos Without Prescription, One of the other girls began teasing her over it, so I threatened to have a name change if the subject wasn't dropped. Virility intact, Actos pills, Actos in us, I hastened back to town clutching the forlorn hope that they would be too drunk to remember my act of wild abandon.

It must have been the secondary alcohol fumes, buy Actos online without a prescription. Order Actos from United States pharmacy, How else do you explain that your member is named for a stranger you never knew in the biblical sense.

No. I'm not telling you, Buy Actos Without Prescription. She got married. He has lawyers. I avoid tattoo parlors.


This piece originally appeared on my personal web space in about 1995 and has been offline for a year or more. It made the "Best of the Web Today" that week and can still be found on the way-back machine. I need to scrounge up a picture of the hat when it was younger -- 1975 was when it was born. The picture of the radio crew shows some of the ladies that were on board the van that fateful night.

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