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by Marvel Goose on July 29, 2015

Leon's Instagram postThe world of Korean Pop is one long soap opera with drama on drama.  Here is an example of a post on Instagram from a Chinese National who left the Korean Music Business and went home:
Even though I have kept quiet for a long time, I have a confession. To the people who are curious about my abrupt departure from TD-G here is my story. As a foreigner in K-Pop I faced a lot of racism and hardships during my time in SE. Constant verbal abuse and physical assault from a TD-G member and managers left me quite depressed and made me change my mind about wanting to debut in Korea...
And it rolls on for several purple paragraphs.  Revelations of this type rarely stay up long before they are taken down as Korea only permits free speech until someone's feelings get hurt. This one stayed up long enough for rabid fans to screen capture it and spread it all over KPop forums where it was obsessed over much like the Kennedy Assassination, Obama's Birth Certificate, and the truth about 911. Everyone, of course, trying to figure out which member of the band was mean to poor little Leon, I decided to post a fake press release from the singer's former agency and post it. The stilted language below is based on what standard Asian business language looks like when translated into English: Hello everyone, this was just posted up at the Dispatch:
Hello, this is Stardom Entertainment; We were shocked and surprised at the story Leon chose to post on Instagram today. There were good intentions on both sides when we mutually agreed to terminate his contract. Leon led us to believe that homesickness was the reason for his thumb sucking and chronic bed-wetting. While his members did try to stay supportive, the one who was sharing his futon was understandably upset as was the manager who had to wash his dirtied clothes and bedding each day. Regrettably, words were passed between all parties and hurt feelings were the inevitable result. Several remedies were tried including duct tape and saran wrap and rubber bands. When his balls fell off, there was no choice but to send him home. We continue to wish him all the best with his debut as his beautiful soprano voice will be a revelation.
Much gnashing of teeth and cursing were the result of this exercise in ambush humor. Of course there was one poor little snowflake complaining that it was "creepy".  So sorry, dear, but satire and parody cannot be created in this new victorian age without melting a few snowflakes.

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